Office clearance

Our range of services makes it easy to get offices cleared of all surpluses, redundant and waste materials. Simply call our team for a quick free quote, and we will make sure the job is done on-time and to-budget. We collect and dispose of:

  • Office furniture and phones
  • Desktop computers, servers, laptops, and tablets
  • TFT Monitors
  • Routers and network equipment
  • Printers, scanners, and photocopiers
  • Miscellaneous IT equipment

We are 100% committed to legal and responsible disposal to WEEE Directive and can also ensure all your confidential data on digital storage devices such as external hard drives and flash drives is destroyed. You can be sure you will receive the appropriate duty of care paperwork for your records and that the waste will be handled in accordance with legislation, ensuring high rates of reuse and recycling.